Improving Education

“When it comes to education, the most important thing we can do is expand access to pre-K. We need to get that done, even if it means rearranging some of our priorities. Studies have shown that if you can get a child reading at the appropriate level by 3rd grade, then he or she is more likely to graduate high school."   --Andrew Jones

Expanding Pre-K

Andrew firmly believes that we must expand access to Pre-K. Studies have shown that this is the most learning-critical time in a child's life. We must accomplish this by rearranging our priorities, not through new taxes. 

Supporting Local Control

Schools work better when local school boards, parents, and teachers can make most of the decisions for our students- not Montgomery or D.C. politicians. Andrew will continue to work to give our local school boards more flexibility and decision-making power. 

Preparing for Graduation

Students at even the smallest schools deserve to have access to electives and advanced courses that will prepare them for college or entering the workforce. Andrew is a big supporter of distance learning, vocational programs, and advocates for the availability of dual enrollment and AP courses.