Protecting Northeast Alabama Values

"The best education I ever got was growing up on my family farm. Everyone in the legislature would benefit from some time spent on a family farm to see how much hard work it takes just to make ends meet. Ladder-climbers and career politicians have lost track of what is important. We have so much potential here, and we need to keep a State Senator that can be trusted to represent our Northeast Alabama values while not shying away from tackling the difficult decisions our state faces."   --Andrew Jones

Fighting for Life

As a born-again Christian, Andrew is committed to do everything possible to help protect the sanctity of human life. He will always be an advocate for the most vulnerable among us. 

Keeping Taxes Low

Alabama has some of the lowest taxes in the nation, and it is essential that we keep them that way. Our working families are already struggling to make ends meet, and as a small businessman and farmer, Andrew knows the sacrifices that so many of us are already making. 

Supporting Faith-Based Programs

Unfortunately, our prisons have become our drug-rehab facilities and our mental health institutions. While violent criminals should be locked up, Andrew believes that faith is the only answer for the addicted. Andrew supports broad leeway for community and faith-based programs. Celebrate Recovery is one example of a faith-based solution that is working in Northeast Alabama.