Repairing Our Roads and Bridges

"There are many projects which I want to see completed, including extending I-759 in Gadsden, building a new Southside Bridge, and completing the Highway 411 4-lane project between Etowah and Cherokee counties. Unfortunately, we have a legislature that kicks the can down the road and fails to address the challenges facing all of us in Etowah, Dekalb, and Cherokee Counties.  Our legislators can’t just say “no” all the time. They need to tell us what they are for.  A prime example of this was how a handful of legislators blocked critical infrastructure reform without offering any other solution."   --Andrew Jones

Repairing Our Infrastructure

Unfortunately, we are in a bare-minimum maintenance situation with our infrastructure. It is critical that we get new legislation passed to repair our crumbling roads and bridges. Many of our roads are simply unsafe, and many of our bridges are past their intended lifespan. 

Extending I-759 & Building a New Southside Bridge

Extending I-759 in Gadsden and building a new Southside Bridge will mean much more than just relieving traffic congestion. Andrew believes these projects will contribute to the economic development of Etowah County, help recruit industry, and improve the quality of life for all of us who live and work there. 

Finishing HWY 411

Andrew believes we should complete the US Highway 411 expansion project.  It has been in the works for decades, and there are only five miles remaining between Etowah and Cherokee Counties. Many of our citizens travel that road for work, and the bottleneck there is dangerous. Continuous 4-lane access from I-759 into Cherokee County via US 411 will also help recruit industry to Cherokee County.